Don't Get Stuck on the Side of the Road

Get emergency towing in North Tonawanda, NY

You can't predict what will happen when you're driving. Your car could quit on you or another driver could hit you. Either way, you could spend your afternoon on the side of highway unless you get efficient emergency towing and roadside assistance from Certified Towing Services in North Tonawanda, NY. Plus, we can help police departments and business owners by towing unauthorized vehicles from certain zones.

We can tow your car across town or to a different county. Either way, you can count on us. Meet with our team in North Tonawanda, NY today.

Get your vehicle to a safe lot

When you need emergency towing or roadside assistance, who do you turn to? Many individuals, business owners and police departments hire us because:

  • We use new and maintained trucks worth up to $100,000
  • We tow all makes and models of cars and motorcycles
  • We're fully insured and highly trained
  • We monitor our lots 24/7 with high-end security cameras
While we offer towing services 24/7, our lots are only open during business hours. Call 716-465-1793 now to learn more about our schedule and services.

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